Ring Ceremony photographers in ZIrakpur

We are Candid Engagement / Ring Ceremony photographer in ZIrakpur. Our photo studio love to photograph engagement events in India & abroad. Engagement is the very first official step in life a couple & we love to document engagement events in the most candid way achievable that can make the event all the more unforgettable.

Indian weddings are known for their decorated ceremonies and deluxe celebrations. Besides, they are held in a very classic manner, commemorating numerous formalities as per the antique Vedic era. Engagement ceremony is the ceremony which marks the beginning of the wedding concord. It is also known as the sagai ceremony.Ring ceremony photographer in Zirakpur or any other area is one of the first ceremonies that takes place between the two families and the would be bride and groom. The engagement ceremony is mostly a brief ritual wherein the couple exchanges gold rings. This establish both the parties that the girl and the boy are now devoted. That’s why it is also called the ring ceremony.

In most families, the sagai ceremony is clubbed with the engagement itself. Professional photographer in Zirakpur capture all the instant of ring ceremony. This is another pre wedding ceremony, which extend the connection between both families. In sagai, the bride is given jewelry, clothes, makeup kit and baby toys, by the mother of the groom on this day. On the other hand, the groom is put tilak and given gifts by the family of the bride. A havan is also performed at times. Here also a lot of gifts such as fruits, sweets, clothes are exchanged between them.

These ceremonies are performed differently in different parts of the country and Ring Ceremony photographers in ZIrakpur, catch these ceremonies very well and these ceremonies are even termed by different names, such as ashirwad ceremony, chunni chadana, sagan ceremony, magni etc. However, all these ceremonies are the same. Besides, quite often, the date of the marriage is also decided and confirmed for these ceremonies. These ceremonies conclude with the blessings of the elderly and the Almighty.